Plym Vale, Plymouth

Plymvale, Plymouth

This walkable garden suburb focuses on local living to create a vibrant, self-sustaining community.

TypeResidential-led, Mixed-use, Masterplanning
LocationPlymouth, UK
Size113-acre Plymouth Airport site
ClientSutton Harbour Holdings

Sustainable Community

Our vision for Plym Vale redevelops the redundant 113-acre Plymouth Airport site to create a vibrant new community where everything – homes, jobs, education, community facilities, and green spaces – is within easy reach of everyone.

Plymvale, Plymouth
Plymvale, Plymouth

Local Living

The proposal aims to link the surrounding communities enabling them to adopt walking and cycling as the preferred mode of transport. Local facilities provide a new centre for this area of Plymouth.

New Homes

Our plans will meet up to 10% of Plymouth’s housing needs with around 1,500 new homes for local people, including student accommodation and supported homes and health facilities for older community members. We’re also enhancing connectivity across North Plymouth, linking communities that have been disconnected for decades with safe and attractive routes encouraging people to walk and cycle around and beyond Plym Vale.

“Plym Vale makes the best possible use of a long redundant brownfield site to create a new sustainable community that will have an enduring legacy”

Brian Tracey, Operations Director