Airport terminal design with a difference.


How we’re enriching passenger experience through a sense of place.


  • Simon Scott, Director

We’ve worked on airports worldwide – UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, Qatar, USA – delivering successful commercial masterplans and retail design strategies. We’ve navigated the challenges and identified the opportunities for our clients while embracing the emerging and future retail requirements to redefine and reimagine how airports and transport hubs connect with their passengers. The key to these projects’ success? A passenger journey imbued with a sense of place.

Our designs prioritise people and place, emotionally connecting travellers with the location and local culture. This approach creates a seamless, engaging experience across retail and leisure while maximising commercial performance.

Events of the last few years have seen a move away from grandiose designs and a focus on refined and efficient solutions alongside an incremental approach to aviation development. But one thing is still paramount – the importance of creating enjoyable, secure environments for passengers while driving footfall and conversion.