Düsseldorf Airport, Germany

Düsseldorf Airport

An innovative airport expansion with a strong sense of place.

TypeAviation Consultancy
LocationDüsseldorf, Germany
Size7 new contact gates
ClientFCP/ Flughafen Dussledorf

Expansive Plans

This competition-winning entry for the extension of Düsseldorf, Germany’s third-largest airport, accommodates seven new aircraft gates with a spacious central waiting area surrounded by a retail and dining hub.

Düsseldorf Airport

Seamless Strategy

Working with OTC and AllesWirdGut, specialists in the planning and design of airports, we’ve developed a retail strategy that seamlessly connects and enhances the commercial offer across the terminal. Our plans amplify the passenger experience by creating a unique sense of place with speciality retail and dining concepts that reflect the local culture.

Future Flexibility

The spacious and light-filled interior integrates enjoyable waiting, retail and dining areas across the central space with clear sightlines to the boarding gates. We’ve focused on flexibility and adaptability to meet operators’ varied and changing needs with opportunities to elevate the shopping experience through events, pop-ups, promotions and digital solutions.

“At Düsseldorf, we’ve developed a commercially effective retail strategy that brings clarity and delivers impact while enhancing the passenger experience.”

Simon Scott, Director