Centre MK, Milton Keynes

The project has involved extensive consultation with statutory and local bodies in relation to its adjacency to the Grade 2 listed shopping centre.


Client: Hermes


Provides additional 1400 car parking spaces to serve the existing shopping centre.


Innovative façade design.

More Information

Leslie Jones has completed the design and delivery of the 1400 space MSCP, designed to serve Centre MK. This car park has all of the features required of a modern shopper’s car park. Light bright interiors, large parking bays and aisle widths, electric parking points and easy ramp radii are all designed to provide a high-class retail parking experience. Floor by floor parking information linked into the city centre system adds legibility.

Of particular note is the external architecture where Leslie Jones has worked hard to provide a layered and dynamic façade which relates to the ordered architecture of the adjacent grade II shopping centre. The combination of textured stone panels, perforated metal screens depicting the Milton Keynes street patterns, and coloured aluminium waffles create a strong architectural statement.