Leslie Jones’ expertise exported to Ukraine

Simon Scott, Head of International Business at Leslie Jones Architecture, was a keynote speaker at the Ukrainian Real Estate Club’s Development and Public Space Conference on 8 June 2016.

Simon’s speech was on identifying how commercially-led projects can create new managed public spaces in cities, using examples such as Olympic Park, Cabot Circus and Canary Wharf to highlight best-in-class public realm at the heart of some the UK’s most impressive urban regeneration projects. Simon put his examples into context for the international audience at the conference, ensuring members could understand which elements from the UK developments could be adapted and play a role in their own urban regeneration projects.

Joined at the event by speakers from The Chief Economic Development Officers’ Society and GIZ, Simon was invited as a keynote speaker following his extensive cross-sector experience in commercial design. This includes a portfolio spanning retail, transport, residential, mixed-use across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Having joined Leslie Jones in 2014, Simon is leading the practice’s international expansion and current projects include Expobel in Minsk and Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai.

The Ukrainian Real Estate Club is a professional organisation that brings together local and international experts from the built environment to develop the Ukrainian market, improve its investment attractiveness and perception among the international business community.