Article 50, a year on

Progress on the Brexit transitional period has helped steady the ship and allay fears of losing international investors.

On the whole the signs are encouraging, although there are still concerns regarding labour shortages, with British design and construction industries currently being huge beneficiaries of EU labour and skills. Promisingly, local authorities are beginning to step up and lead projects initially propped up by foreign investment, and with British Expertise still a sought after commodity at an international level, we are starting to look long term and beyond Europe.

With post-Brexit investment in the UK cautious, local authorities must step up and provide the finances and vision for regional regeneration. However, while many councils have the means to source assets, they lack the expertise, experience or funding required to regenerate them. We will therefore see an increasing number of private-public partnerships post-Brexit.

If local authorities can provide leadership and vision by de-risking assets for investors, then they will continue to attract concrete UK and international interest. Recent examples have seen Leslie Jones collaborate with local authorities to yield success stories such as Friars Walk in Newport, as well as The Moor Market in Sheffield. If councils continue to step up then we can envisage a positive post Brexit future as we switch our focus to thinking beyond Europe.

Internationally, Leslie Jones is synonymous with British expertise and is already active in numerous markets, including; works at Hong Kong and Dubai International Airport, and the refurbishment of the Expobel shopping centre in Belarus.

James Cons, Managing Director, Leslie Jones Architecture