Spring Lunch

Last Thursday Aran, Chris, Darren, and Xavi hosted the Annual LJA ‘Spring Lunch’ with several industry experts at Arròs, in Fitzrovia.

Associates Lunch


  • Aran Villar, Associate
  • Chris Holmes, Associate
  • Darren Andrews, Associate
  • Xavi Tomassetti, Associate
  • Zoe Ward, Graphic Designer & Digital Content Coordinator

By stepping out of the office and into a space of shared knowledge, we’re not just building connections—we’re cultivating future partnerships and opportunities. This allowed us to experience the real power of face to face gatherings. Architecture is, after all, about people – and the partnerships that we forge by demonstrating personality and competence. These gatherings provide a platform for professionals to share insights, discuss industry trends, and explore potential collaborations. Such initiatives not only help in understanding the current market dynamics but also in building a rapport that can lead to fruitful partnerships. Here’s to more strategic initiatives that drive mutual growth and pave the way for groundbreaking ventures.