LJA’s Day of Rowing Fun

As part of our summer event, we headed to the scenic Henley-on-Thames for an exciting taster rowing session.

LJA Day Rowing


  • LJA Team
  • Henley Rowing Club
  • Brian Tracey, Operations Director
  • Zoe Ward, Graphic Designer & Digital Content Coordinator

Recalling the last week brings a smile to our faces as we look back on the incredible time we had at a rowing taster session at Henley Rowing Club nestled in the charming Thameside town. Spirits were high as we made our way on the train from Paddington to Heley for our much awaited summer event.

Rowing as it turns out is not as easy as it looks but utilising our teamwork we soon got the hang of rowing in time and everyone had a real blast. Whilst we won’t be challenging for an Olympic place it gave us all an appreciation of the sport and our competitive spirit soon had us trying to overtake each other.

After a few hours when even the sun made an appearance, we retired to a riverside pub to compare notes and dream of what could have been if we had only started a few years earlier.

A huge thanks to all the coaches and volunteers from Henley Rowing Club who made our day such an experience.

LJA Day Rowing
LJA Day Rowing
LJA Day Rowing