Together at last!

LJA Picnic

Summer picnic at Hyde Park.


  • Hattie Gryspeerdt – Operations Manager
  • Bronte Poppelwell – Studio Assistant
  • Zoe Ward – Junior Designer & Studio Assistant

After 18 months of mostly virtual meetings, we finally reunited for our annual summer picnic in Hyde Park. It was a fantastic day of food, fun and games.

The pandemic has allowed us to rethink how we work and look after each other. We’ve embraced technology and built on our established systems for remote working, allowing for greater flexibility and collaboration. Our team has been adaptable and resilient and found even more innovative ways to design and deliver fantastic projects that enrich people’s lives.

But one thing is for sure – no amount of Microsoft Teams calls can beat coming together to share moments like these.

And thank you to Pique food for providing the games and delicious handmade food.