Leslie Jones Architecture is expert in urban renewal and regeneration.

With a heritage vested in town centre retail led design, the practice now finds itself at the heart of the regeneration debate as we seek to re-purpose and reinvigorate our town and city centres. For all clients, across all schemes, Leslie Jones delivers a bespoke approach to design and delivery in the following sectors: Mixed Use, Residential, Retail & Leisure, Transportation and Hospitality. We bring our personality, creativity, and enthusiasm to projects from inception to completion, complemented by a rich knowledge and a detailed understanding of place making and urban design through to architecture and the delivery of the built environment.  

“Competition between our towns and cities has accelerated as they seek public and private sector investment. Such speedy change is challenging the ability of our infrastructure, built environment, policies and occupational models to keep up, leaving less successful towns and cities behind whilst risking permanent decline. Town centres and their stakeholders must find ways to react to this change in the short and medium term such that their long-term vision might be informed and delivered over time. It is the creation of this vision that is central to a successful renaissance. Those places that rapidly redefine their relevance to our changing world will thrive.”

Working on an international stage, we are passionate about the urban environment and understand the requirements of modern civic spaces and sensitive historical contexts. As such, we are adept at working with all stakeholders to ensure the future success and relevance of our designs.

Our transport design specifically in the commercial elements of rail and airport infrastructure is an important element of our work. As the world begins to recombine with the physical flow of ideas and commerce across the UK and wider afield well-connected places will again thrive.

Originally formed by Leslie Jones in 1946 to focus on regeneration after the second world war, the practice now finds itself part of a larger group of companies. RSBGUK which itself is owned by the RAG Stiftung, a foundation set up by the German Government, responsible for the perpetual obligations resulting from hard coal mining in the regions along the Ruhr and Saar Rivers in Germany. 100% of Leslie Jones Architecture’s profits go toward social, environmental and community renewal for the regions previously supported by the coal industry.