2022 Roundtable Wrap Up

Roundtable wrap up

Last year we hosted a series of roundtable breakfast events exploring key themes facing our industry.


  • James Cons, Managing Director

Valuable contributions to the debates were supplied by our varied and diverse guests who debated the notion that regeneration of city and town centres should lead to improved happiness and therefore wellbeing for the communities they support; the public sector has a large role to play in the successful reimagining of our urbanspaces but they cannot do this alone, they need an engaged private sector with a long term view; at the heart of all our actions we have a responsibility to improve outcomes across the broad spectrum of sustainability and socialbenefit.

This year we are planning further roundtable breakfast debates starting with the “Reincarnation of Retail – will there be a renaissance in retailproperty or is this asset class set to remain an outlying pariah.”

Thank you to everyone who joined us last year and we are excited to get this year’s debates underway, get in touch if you wish to get involved!