City Centre North, Portsmouth


This ambitious regeneration project is about more than building homes – it’s about building a community.

LocationPortsmouth, UK
Size2000 homes, 30,000m2 of commercial, leisure and community development
ClientPortsmouth City Council

Big Picture

We’re developing plans for a new neighbourhood that aims to be one of the most sustainable regeneration projects in the UK. It prioritises people, promotes sustainable travel and supports local business. Along with 2,000 new homes, there’s a mix of commercial, leisure and community uses.


Park Life

Access to nature has never been more important for people’s well-being, especially in a dense city like Portsmouth. At the heart of our plans is a vast park that brings together the new neighbourhood connecting to existing communities with living streets, shared gardens, and lots of places for play.

Living Locally

We’ve designed this well-connected district so that everything the community needs is within easy reach. Shops, schools, community spaces and work opportunities are just a short walk or a bike ride away. As a result, people will be more active, traffic reduced, and air quality will improve. And, most importantly, everyone will feel part of the new neighbourhood.

“This is the future of sustainable city centre regeneration – a carbon-negative neighbourhood that puts people first.”

Brian Tracey, Operations Director