The Core, Leeds

A £3 million project to introduce a food and beverage offer within an existing city centre asset as part of ongoing refurbishment programme.

  • Client: Theadneedle
  • 19,590 sq ft new dining area
  • Innovative design to aid navigation around centre
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The Core, Leeds required improved accessibility and a new dining offering to meet the needs of modern consumers and promote the centre’s full offering. In response, Leslie Jones Architecture designed a new 19,590 sq ft food and beverage space delivering 705 covers and a range of asset management initiatives to improve connectivity around the centre.

Adept at working with existing assets, Leslie Jones applied its technical knowledge to the design concepts for The Core, greatly enhancing the existing straight lines and circulation routes through the centre. An additional escalator was introduced to improve pedestrian linkages with the food cluster on the first floor, while the area was opened up by the inclusion of a glazed corner, promoting visual connectivity with the street below. In addition, softer materials and accent lighting were introduced throughout the centre to add warmth and colour.

Leslie Jones injected creativity into the designs through an innovative lighting system that identifies and strengthens routes leading to the dining space, thereby increasing the flow of users. Lights are integrated with timber strip feature ceilings above the seating area, which is designed with an open plan feel.

As a leading retail and leisure design specialist, Leslie Jones created a new dining space that met tenant space and brand requirements by creating a curved fascia with integrated column signage for operators and glass in-fills above seating dividers that can be further branded. The Core is now a more efficient asset, with improved movement of consumers through the centre.